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Funding is a key part of completing a game project or opening a game studio. For years crowd funding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe have provided developers with the opportunity to take their video game projects and technology directly to gamers. Now with BitcoinStarter, game developers can post their project and get funding in the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency.  With BitcoinStarter contributors do not have to have a credit card and can contribute any fractional amount of BTC to the project easily. The fee 5% fee of the Bitcoin funds raised.

BitcoinStarter helps you raise Bitcoin funds for your project! Anyone, anywhere, can create a project profile detailing what they plan to achieve with the Bitcoin they raise. Project creators promote their project to potential Bitcoin pledgers who then pledge Bitcoin into the project, over a period of time, till the funds accumulate and the target amount is raised. The project creator is then responsible for distributing the rewards to the Bitcoin pledgers. The project page will include two important sections: – See more at:

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You can find this site and others to help fund your game or studio in the SGC GameFunding Map of the Web.

The Rule of Ten


Launching a new game is a challenge, but the SGC is here to help. In part one of an ongoing series on launching a game title we will talk about an idea for bounding the budget and scope of a game launch event. Game Launch Events or launch parties can be a great part of getting the word out on your brand new release or the start of your studio. A launch party can also suffer from budget creep that can be a fatal blow to a small developer.

The New Era


The new era has begun! Welcome to Social Games Chicago (SGC) at the CEGD campus. Through this new association with the Chicago Experimental Game Development Group, we hope to continue the great work of the SGC and continue to advance game development in Chicago. Over the next months we will be adding great new content to the mix from an industry perspective. Both the CEGD and the SGC will focus on Chicago game design, our spin at the SGC will have more of an emphasis on building studios and opening markets. Join us.

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