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As 2015 draws to a close, many developers are beginning the process of drawing up plans for the new year.  For a huge number of developers, part of those plans involve staring down the fearsome beast of finding funding to build the game of your dreams or to launch a development studio.  With the SGC Game Funding Map, storming the dragon’s lair and finding the treasure trove to finance the dream can be a lot easier.

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This new social internet map puts links at your fingertips. We’ll be adding links from our blog entries and meetups at Social Games Chicago to a central store that allows you to take the shared knowledge of other developers with you.  Whether you are looking for funding in US dollars or Crypto-coins, the Game Funding Map has you covered with an expanding array of links.  Using the round “i” key below each link, you can find brief annotations about these links.

Game Funding Internet Map put Links at Your Finger Tips

We’ll be updating this map after events and we are making this resource open to the entire game development community–so be sure to share it.  If you have a great crowdsourcing platform or other funding channel, drop us a note.

Crowdfunding Games with RocketHub

One of the newest destinations for crowdfunding your game project is RocketHub.  RocketHub combines many of the best features in crowdfunding including an affordable, flexible funding model that allows fundraisers to keep a the funds they raise even if their project is not fully funded (minus a commission and credit card handling fee).  RocketHub’s competitive advantage comes in the form of its partnership with the A&E network.

A&E and RocketHub have partnered to bring you an unprecedented opportunity to make your innovative idea a reality. A&E is the first major television network to fund and feature select crowdfunding projects. The A&E PROJECT STARTUP team roams looking to feature entrepreneurial ideas like yours…on TV and more. A&E has committed significant funds to support RocketHub projects. See More At:

While Kickstarter and Indiegogo are arguably more well known, the RocketHub and A&E partnering could add substantial weight in its favor if you are looking to launch a game project.  The size and scale your gaming crowdfuning project’s exposure can make a real difference in your success, particularly if your own funding network is small or has limited resources. You can find this site and others to help fund your game or studio in the SGC GameFunding Map of the Web.

Crowdfunding in GMC with Game4Commit


Beyond the big four crowd funding sites  for game developers (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme and BitcoinStarter), Game4Commit opens with a unique value proposition; on Game4Commit the fundraiser can be a producer or lobbyist that will pay others to do the actual work.  This is slightly different from the traditional crowd funding model where the fundraiser is usually the central figure in the project even if a portion of the funds collected may go to artists, musicians, coders or to buy physical assets.

The goal is give the initiative to the people, and not only to those who are able to achieve projects.

For example imagine you want a feature in an open source software but the developers don’t care about it and you can’t implement it yourself. You can start a project on Game4commit to make it happen. If you get enough funds you can pay someone to implement the feature. There are many freelance developers and companies who will be happy to do that for you – See more at

Much as BitcoinStarter relies on the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency, Game4Commit leverages the gamer centric Gamers-Coin (GMC) cryptocurrency. Potentially Game4Commit might open a very interesting and useful spin needed to help launch your game studio. You can find this site and others to help fund your game or studio in the SGC GameFunding Map of the Web.

Crowdfunding Games with BitcoinStarter


Funding is a key part of completing a game project or opening a game studio. For years crowd funding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe have provided developers with the opportunity to take their video game projects and technology directly to gamers. Now with BitcoinStarter, game developers can post their project and get funding in the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency.  With BitcoinStarter contributors do not have to have a credit card and can contribute any fractional amount of BTC to the project easily. The fee 5% fee of the Bitcoin funds raised.

BitcoinStarter helps you raise Bitcoin funds for your project! Anyone, anywhere, can create a project profile detailing what they plan to achieve with the Bitcoin they raise. Project creators promote their project to potential Bitcoin pledgers who then pledge Bitcoin into the project, over a period of time, till the funds accumulate and the target amount is raised. The project creator is then responsible for distributing the rewards to the Bitcoin pledgers. The project page will include two important sections: – See more at:

Visit BitcoinStarter

You can find this site and others to help fund your game or studio in the SGC GameFunding Map of the Web.

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