Crowdfunding in GMC with Game4Commit


Beyond the big four crowd funding sites  for game developers (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme and BitcoinStarter), Game4Commit opens with a unique value proposition; on Game4Commit the fundraiser can be a producer or lobbyist that will pay others to do the actual work.  This is slightly different from the traditional crowd funding model where the fundraiser is usually the central figure in the project even if a portion of the funds collected may go to artists, musicians, coders or to buy physical assets.

The goal is give the initiative to the people, and not only to those who are able to achieve projects.

For example imagine you want a feature in an open source software but the developers don’t care about it and you can’t implement it yourself. You can start a project on Game4commit to make it happen. If you get enough funds you can pay someone to implement the feature. There are many freelance developers and companies who will be happy to do that for you – See more at

Much as BitcoinStarter relies on the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency, Game4Commit leverages the gamer centric Gamers-Coin (GMC) cryptocurrency. Potentially Game4Commit might open a very interesting and useful spin needed to help launch your game studio. You can find this site and others to help fund your game or studio in the SGC GameFunding Map of the Web.

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